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Greg Vandenberg Photos

Tom Farrell Photos
Vung Ro Bay
Water skiing behind
Getting ready for the
next skier!
Rocks at north end of the bay
Catch commandeered from fishing boat caught in restricted waters of the bay
L to R: Greg Durrett, Dave Harmon, Tom Mooney, Don Markin, unknown, Medic, unknown
View of PBR docks from guard tower that was later destroyed by sappers
Vung Ro Bay
Greg Vandenberg
Charles Rynberg Photos
Bob McCabe
L to R: Ronnie Allen, Sgt Coral Black, Jimmy Lee, Bob McCabe
Charles Rynberg
Charles Rynberg
Don Markin,
Greg Vandenberg, Ronnie Allen
Red Cross girls
Mike Hebert, Jimmy Lee, Greg Durrett
Jimmy Lee - Short!
Mike Hebert, Bob McCabe
Terry Yocum
Jimmy Lee
Charles Rynberg
Charles Rynberg
Bob McCabe
Coral Black, Mike Hebert