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The following Vung Ro Bay personnel have been located:

1966 - 1967

LT. William Bassett
SP-5 Edward Bell
George Paavola
Larry Fosler
Dale Greeson

1967 - 1968

SP-4 Larry Kallod

1968 - 1969

Angelo Rosetti
SGT Paul Wayne Kirby
Dan Webster
SGT Mike Fried
James Edwards
Christopher King
Sgt. Jack Teatsorth
SFC John Carpenter

1969 - 1970

SP-4 Bob McCabe
SP-4 Frank Seymour
SP-5 Lou Baumann
Greg Vandenberg
SP-4 Greg Durrett *
SP-4 Louis Krippner
SP-4 Doug Foss *

SP-4 Jimmy Lee *
SP-4 Donald Markin
SFC Coral Black
Sp-4 Charles Rynberg
SP-4 Tom Farrell
SP-4 Mike Hebert
SP-4 Erik H. Frolich
SP-4 Jan Bigelow
SP-4 Harry Rose
SP-4 Terry Yocum

* - Deceased

* Main web site of the 458th Transportation Company: www.458thseatigers.org


SP-4 Ronald Allen
SGT Billy Hudler
SP-4 Don Hastings
SGT John Heath
SP-4 John Vorwick
David Bell
Eugene Engelking
Lamont Freeman

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Gamewardens Association, National Web Site

* Gamewardens Association, Northwest Chapter
* Vung Ro Tropo
Ken Toran's website features units stationed on
top of Vung Ro Mountain including the 362nd
Signal Co, the 514th, 518th, and the 194th MP's.
* Military Police web site for the 127th MP's and the 218th MP's in Vietnam. Great site with numerous photos.
* There are two superbly restored and operating PBR's on the East Coast of the United States, one in North Carolina, theother in Ohio. Both have very in-depth websites with numerous photos and videos.
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