PBR COMPOUND   Click on photo to enlarge image
PBR boat dock and DeLong Pier
Bob McCabe walking on the metal ramp.
A Quonset Hut served as the 458th barracks & radio room. An entire side of bunk rooms were added, as well as a day room, and a shower facility.
The PBR compound was built on the beach.
View of PBR compound and Vung Ro Heliport
Easterly sea swells presented quite a challenge to the PBR crews. Just getting to work was an adventure in itself!
The arms tub where the 50-cal's were cleaned
Access to the floating pier was treacherous on the best of days. Mother Nature would destroy whatever we had built in just a  few months.
Plywood Ramp

Visiting Chinook crew
PBR J-7832
Metal ramp a few months later
Barracks addition &
Vung Ro Heliport
PBR Crew Bunker
Don Markin, Ron Allen, & Greg
Durrett teaching our puppy basics
of parachute training from top of
the fuel storage tank
The 458th Pink Outhouse
Fancy Ramp with handrails!