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In November, 1970, the base at Vung Ro Bay was closed. Most personnel, equipment, and supplies were transported to Qui Nhon by truck convoy.

Four of our Vung Ro brothers were killed in the convoy by a Viet Cong ambush on Hwy. 1-A. They were Frank Hiteshue, Charles "Shorty' Mitchell, John Conrad, and Benigno Zamudio.
None were 458th Trans. Co. or 127th M.P. Co. personnel.
The General's yacht - a 65-foot Army Q-boat.
"Do Not Hang Clothes On Fence"
Qui Nhon movie theater
Harbor Control Tower and LCU docks
Qui Nhon PBR Docks
Bridge to PBR Docks
Qui Nhon was a major port and staging area for the US  Army. River Patrol Boats were tasked with dropping concussion grenades into the water near visiting merchant ships in order to deter enemy swimmers, or sappers, from placing explosives under the ship's hulls.
LCU Docking area
Inbound merchant ship
Beach next to PBR Docks
The two River Patrol Boats at Vung Ro Bay joined up with an LCM from the 1099th Medium Boat Co. and the three vessels sailed from Vung Ro to Qui Nhon. Some of the personnel who were nearing the end of their tours spent a couple weeks at Qui Nhon, others were there for months.
Concussion grenade run
Military supply ships